Weigh-off Rules and Regulations

GPC Rules and Regulations

Article II Fruits and GrowersArticle II Fruits and Growers

1) The entry must be exhibited by the grower or team. In the case of an emergency where the grower or team cannot be present to exhibit the entry,
the site coordinator, club/grower representative, and site representative will make a determination regarding the validity of a grower or team’s absence.

A) “Grower” is defined as a person who has grown and cared for the entry from planting to harvest.

B) “Team” is two growers contributing equally to the care of a fruit/vegetable grown at the same address and exhibited together.

2) All specimens that will be submitted to the GPC for awards and recognition must be weighed on a certified scale with only the fruit on the scale. Any fruit weighed with a tarp, pallet, or any other lifting device will be classified unofficial weight or “EXH”.

 A) A certified scale is one that has been inspected and certified by a governmental agency and must have a current certification sticker attached to the scale. Scales that have been certified by other qualified agencies for commercial purposes as “legal for trade” are also acceptable.

B) All sites should use a 4’ x 4’ platform scale or larger, sitting level on a solid stable surface.

3) No foreign material (i.e.: fungicides, caulking, skin additives et cetera) will be permitted in the weighing of any fruit.

A) Vines must be trimmed to within one inch of the stem of the fruit.
B) The stem itself will not be applicable to judging as stated below.

4) The specimen must be sound, healthy, and undamaged.
A) Entries must be free of rot.

B) Entries must be free of holes or cracks into the interior cavity of the fruit.

C) Entries must be free of damaged areas that are greater than 3 inches in diameter and greater than 3 inches deep. Any single damaged area greater than 3 inches deep will classify the fruit as damaged (DMG). The dimensions of the damage will be measured after all soft material has been removed with a spoon, if needed.

D) If there are more than two damaged areas, the pumpkin will be disqualified even if each is smaller than described in 4C.

E) Small damaged areas are acceptable if naturally healed over with new rind, also known as natural scabs or new cantalouping.

F) The Judges reserve the right to probe cracks, holes, and to dig out soft spots to judge a fruit official or not. Before the Judges can execute any of the previous they must have the grower present.

G) Judging is to be completed before a fruit is officially weighed.

H) Refusal of any inspection to an entry will cause the entry to be classified exhibition only.

5) The GPC will recognize one entry per grower or team for top ten average calculations.
A) Entries other than the grower’s one official entry will be entered as “EXH – exhibition” for legal fruit and “DMG – damaged” for illegal fruit.
 B) If a grower or team wants to bring multiple entries they must contact the site representative(s) prior to the weighoff day to ensure the site can accommodate their multiple fruit.
 6) No specimen will be allowed into competition at a GPC site if that specimen has been previously entered at another competition. 

Article III Color Requirements and Awards

1) Squash will be classified as follows‐ 100% of the following colors or color combinations green, blue, and gray. The surface area of the fruit as grown in the garden, not including the portion that was in contact with, or close proximity to the ground will be considered. This area will include the
area between the ribs, around the stem, and the blossom end. This will not include any netting (cantaloping), any discoloration caused by the close proximity to the ground, or minimal amounts of striping or mottling associated with some squash. Mottling may appear as white to cream or beige to bronze.

A) Pumpkins will be all fruit not classified as squash.

2) Only the heaviest entry per class by a grower or team will receive GPC awards.

3) The GPC will only recognize one award per fixed address per class.
 A) A fixed address will be defined as a parcel of land used by growers and/or teams to grow their entries.
4) In the event of a tie of two or more places all entries that are tied will have the same award for the places that are tied added together.
5) GPC awards (i.e. jackets) will be given to a maximum of
two persons for one entry (in the event of a team). These awards will be given at the GPC’s discretion with the GPC reserving the right to distribute awards as deemed necessary.
6) An entry must be weighed at one of the sanctioned weigh‐off sites, on the recognized weigh‐off date for that site to be eligible for GPC awards.
7) The GPC will only recognize specimens that have been entered into the Bigpumpkins.com “GPC Weighoff Results” database for public viewing before November 30th

Regulations and Prizes for the Allardt Weigh-off Site

Pumpkins, green squash, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables cannot be shown if previously entered at a fair or some other weigh-off. Entries will be weighed in with one-ounce increments. (All times are Central Time.)

*** Winner must show pumpkin in festival parade at 3 p.m. or be disqualified. **

1) The competition is open to all persons in any part of the world.

2) An entry fee of $10.00 per entry will be charged for each entry of pumpkin, green squash, and watermelon.

3) All other entries will be $10.

4) All other entries include a.) sunflower-width b.)cornstalk - length c.)long gourd - length d.) sweet potato - weight e.)Irish potato - weight f.)bushel gourd - weight g.) ear corn (white) - length h.)ear corn (yellow) - length i.) cushaw-weight.
Added catagories: dipper gourd, tomato, cantaloupe.

5) An entry cannot have been exhibited in any open weigh-off prior to this event. There must be no markings or numbers written on the pumpkin.

6) The country of residence of an exhibitor is the country which will be credited with the results of a competition.

7) A specimen must be grown by the exhibitor.

8) Entries will be received from 7:30 AM until 9:45 AM. All entries must be at the weigh-off site prior to the beginning of the weigh-off.

9) All entries must remain at the weigh-off site until 2:00 P.M.

10) Description of giant pumpkin, green squash, and giant watermelon. SEE GPC RULES ABOVE

11) A specimen must be healthy and completely undamaged, showing no signs of rot or deterioration

12) Every specimen shall have its own carrying device for proper lifting.

13) All specimens will be free from fungicides and pesticides and foreign material found in such places as cracks or holes. This is an environmental hazard and also allows holes leaking to be plugged up.
14) If an entry shows any evidence of holes which have been used for injecting fluid into cavity and then plugged, it will be immediately disqualified

15) Judges reserve the right to cut or x-ray the fruit if deemed necessary.

16) Vines must be out to 1" from the stem of the fruit.

17) A committee of three will qualify all fruit per the rules from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

18) Specimens of equal weight will be co-winners. Weights will be recorded in 1/2 pound increments rounded down to the lowest half pound.

19) No entrant or spectator shall attempt to influence the judges or impede the proceeding of fair competition.

14) The City of Allardt Site Coordinator is the official representative of the City of Allardt responsible for abiding by and absolutely enforcing the rules of the City of Allardt.

15) All decisions of the judges are final.

Winner must show pumpkin in 3 p.m. festival parade or be disqualified.

Here is the 2022 prize schedule for pumpkins, watermelons, and green squash.
Pumpkins - First place - $1.50/lb (2nd – 7th place – $400, $300, $200, $100, $50, $50)
Watermelons - First place - $1000 (2nd – 5th place – $500, $200, $100, $50)
Green Squash - First place - $500  (2nd – 5th place – $300, $200, $100, $50)
Prettiest Pumpkin - $100
Additional prize money will be awarded for other large fruits and vegetables.

**** Prettiest Pumpkin Contest -- **
1.) Pumpkin must weigh at least 400 pounds
2.) Deep orange color will be desirable
3.) Evenly ribbed around
4.) No scabs, insect bites
5.) Please do not put oil on pumpkins
6.) $10.00 entry fee will be collected prior to weighing
7.) If competing for both this class and regular weigh-off, the fee will be $20.00
8.) Decision of judges is final
9.) Cash prize will be awarded - $100